“Acknowledging where food comes from.”


In 2011 Salomon Jost took his years of experience in organic and biodynamic farming in the United States, Brazil, and Germany and bought 35-acres of his own in Grass Lake, Michigan. He started with pasture-raised broiler chickens, quickly added sheep to build the soil fertility, and we have since added egg-layers and hogs. Our resulting farm, Salomon Gardens, is deeply committed to the environment, animal welfare, and open dialogue with our customers.

“Acknowledging where food comes from” became our first, informal motto when Salomon’s son Thomas first witnessed on-farm chicken slaughter and used those words to describe the experience. We think the phrase encapsulates more than just taking animals from their birth to their death, but also the complex ecosystems surrounding the production of pasture-raised livestock. In that vein, or new motto has become “It starts with pasture,” the basis of our rotationally-grazed production system.


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We are deeply committed to the environment, animal welfare, and our customers.



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